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This website is all about my travel adventures across magnificent India. The adventures are captured through my writings in the form of blogs as well as videos to record my journey. Be prepared to see some stunning captures of landscapes around India taken during the travels. Maybe, I can inspire a future blogger/photographer in you, and I mean that!
Every adventure has its own charm when captured differently, be it through writing, filming or photography. It is like a brewing a perfect cup of coffee. The coffee will lose its taste even if one ingredient is missing. Similarly, this website will do justice to that.

The writings pertaining to a certain place on this website are not the ordinary ones you will find them on internet. I manage to give the readers as many details as possible second by second, giving them a virtual tour of the adventure. That way, it will make them connected to the situation as they read ON.

I guess writing does a justice to a particular place since you are not only physically present but you are also running on emotions, the experience you feel at the very moment and which I think is more important, which other forms may fail to provide.

The adventures include all the details on the trip and with this I want to take the burden off the readers if they wish to embark on the same. My thinking since long has been to follow the non-normal way. The way of doing things differently. And, I can surely give a pat myself for this as I have found the journey most beautiful in that way. It has led to some quite fascinating places which I think would not have been possible had I followed the heard. The adventures includes all kind of these places.

Finally, I personally think that it is important to document the journey through audio-visual medium so that it serves a memory for one later and it just add the spice after having read a detailed blog. It make the journey more lively. All the links to the latest videos will be uploaded here for you and with that you can have the complete package here itself.

Finally, as they say, ‘ A picture is worth a Thousand Words’, I try to capture the beautiful landscape which mother nature has to offer and they have their own story to tell. All the visual story is presented through my Instagram which has also been linked to this site. So, if you are bored and dont want to spend time reading, you can simply browse through the photos.

I have tried to offer you people, a complete package through all these mediums which in fact, will serve the purpose and make you wanna pack your bags and head out on an adventure!

The Journey

The blog section of writings has been given the name of ‘The Journey”. I believe life is a journey which all have to take no matter what the circumstances. Along this journey, we will be collecting experiences which are going to become sweet/sad memories to cherish forever. We will definitely have stories to tell to our grandchildren. I guess, it has been repeated over a hundred times and here also I am reiterating it, ‘ Its the Journey that matters than the Destination’. Its not about going from point A to B, its what you do between those finite no of seconds which you get matters. Ever since I have hopped on to my bike to explore, my journey has begun. A journey to travel as much places as possible and get to experience this beautiful planet we live on. Again, one of my favorite sayings goes here, ” Cover the Earth, before it covers you”. With this intention, my journey of a thousand miles has begun.

About me now

I am 28 year old man on this motorcycle adventure journey since 2015. I am a production engineer by profession and a guy who loves the mechanical things, an interest which has only grown by leaps and bounds ever since my college days. I have designed 2 formula type racing cars during my college days and have a good knowledge about core automobile engineering principles. I normally travel solo but, often include my close friends to share the adventure. Solo travel has its own charm and I encourage everyone should try to do at some point of their life.

So, what I was doing before 2015? One may ask. It is not like the adventure bug hit me suddenly, the exploring was done by all means of transport available and talking about the bikes, I used to ask my friends to lend me one. Soon, I learnt to ride a bike which gave me wings to fly. I purchased my first geared motorcycle, an Enfield Classic 500, and ever since then, there is not limits to my adventures with her(my bike). As the exploring progressed, I thought of documenting it somewhere and preserving them as memory. This is where, I started the idea of blogging and recording my travels.

I am not a full time traveler and have a decent 9-5 corporate job. As Jack Ma says, ‘ Its not what you do between your office hours that matters, its what you do after it”. Soaking into his philosophy, my after office hours are spent into writing and editing my travel videos. This is all I want from life.


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