Coast to Coast 2021: Morbi to Porbandar

I started exactly at 6am. I wasn’t sure that I would be getting chai at that time but I did found one. After giving the body some charge, I was off to Porbandar via Dwarka.

It was pitch dark and I had to ask directions for my road ahead till I exited the city. I was headed to my first checkpoint on the road towards “Pipaliya”. That was around 17 kms. On my way, I narrowly escaped hitting an “Asian antelope” as they were crossing the road. My aux lights helped me in throwing light on them so that I could react in time. It was close call and once again showed the dangers of riding in dark and unknown areas.

At first, due to dark conditions, I missed Pipaliya and went ahead. As I rode further, I noticed that something wasn’t right. I had ridden way over 17 kms and could not see the board. After stopping and asking the correct way, people told me I had overshot by 5-6 kms. I had to turn back.

Now, I took a right turn after reaching Pipaliya and headed towards “Amran”, which was my next checkpoint on the map. The roads became single lane and condition deteriorated as I progressed.

Photo taken after reaching Amran. Next checkpoint on the road was village named “Jodiya”. Time was around 7:30 am.

Soon after, I witnessed the most magnificent sunrise. Sun rising above wheat fields. It was a beautiful sight to see.

A harvester machine on its way…
Clocked 96K on my way towards Jamnagar.

My Oxfords were at 100% heat level as the cold was still there. On top of that, the visibility had dropped due to sudden arrival of fog. The fog lasted till I reached Jamnagar city.

Jamnagar 10kms to go…
Entering Jamnagar…. the time was around 9:15 am.
Saurashtra’s special transport vehicle (Passenger + Commercial ) called “Chagada”. Pronounced as “Cha-ga-da”.
Khambaliya was my next checkpoint after Jamnagar.

Long before reaching Jamnagar, I had started to get hunger pangs and so the breakfast point was fixed at Jamnagar. But, entering the new city for the first time and that too in rush hour is always confusing. I missed to find a decent breakfast joint and just as I was about to hit the highway again exiting the city, I found a well decked up Food truck on my side. It looked promising and I immediately pulled over. They were open and the owner heartily welcomed me and helped me finalize my breakfast menu.

Belly’s Kitchen..
Chole masala Poha, my 1st item for breakfast.
Aloo Paratha was my 2nd.
Washing it all down with a cup of Tea!
That’s one unique name!
It was more 100 kms to go from Jamnagar.
Riding on the roughed up roads towards Dwarka. One side the new roads are being done while the other side was hell to ride upon.

I took right towards Nageshwar Temple before Dwarka. The last time I had visited Dwarka was in 2017 where I had come to attended my friend’s Wedding in Porbandar (I was to stay at his place today). I had forgotten to visit the Nageshwar Temple (One of the 12 Jyotirlingas). And hence, with this tour, I had planned to check it off the list.

Nageshwar Temple is before “Gopi” village.
More and more salt plains…
Jai Bholenath.
Meeting my brother..
The statue is huge.

After the Darshan was over, I cooled off with some tender coconut before proceeding towards Beyt Dwarka.

Beyt Dwarka, 22kms more.
Saw these boats anchored to the shore on my way towards Beyt Dwarka. It provided a perfect backdrop for me to take photos.
The color of the water….
Each boat has got its own registration number, just like our bikes and cars. The boats are also named in unique and funny way.

My first impression of going towards Beyt Dwarka was that I would have to take a boat leaving my bike on this side. The mere thought of keeping my bike on this side while I went off to Beyt Dwarka did not digest as the luggage was on the bike. I was worried. My initial plan was to keep the bike safely with some shopkeeper while I went to the other side (I had done like this in Omakareshwar, MP while visit the jyotirlinga). But, things turned out to be exactly different.

When I reached near the ferry line, people told me that I could take the bike along with me to the island. That was a huge relief for me. I was happy and nervous at the same time as this kind of activity was first time for me. Me and my bike sailing on the boat!

Earlier, I’d thought these barricades on the pier were to prevent 2 wheelers from going inside. But that was not the case.
Myself dealing with the captain of the ship.
All in all, it went smoothly and the bike was loaded on the deck without much hassle.
These people must be wondering, who the fuck has come on this boat!
Feeding some snacks to these flock of Seagulls.
Overall, it was a great time on the boat with bike for the first time.
This police guy took a liking on me when I landed on the other side. He bombarded me with all sorts of questions.
At around 3pm, I landed on the island.
Going towards Dwarkadhish temple..
On Beyt Dwarka Island, I had to wait till 5pm as the temple doors open after that. The main Dwarkadhish temple. I had more than 1 hr with me and so most of the time was spent chit chatting with the locals and also in the meantime, I went off to Hanuman Temple to pay a visit.
Heading towards Hanuman Temple…
Hanuman temple.
The physics defying floating rock..
Playing with the kids.
Another one..

At around 5 pm, I came back to the bazaar where the Dwarkadhish temple is located. I had to keep all my belongings at the counter as nothing was allowed inside. Hence, I was not able to take photos. The total tour of the temple lasted for good 30 mins following which I started my journey towards Porbandar.

With some shopkeepers at the Bazaar.
Another one…
Sun going down.

The ferry also took time as the right kind of boat was not available which could take me and my bike safely towards the other side. For that I had to wait almost 20 mins.

People asking my YouTube Channel name.
Till the time the boat arrives….
This kid too wanted to know my YouTube handle …
That superstar feeling when people unknowingly take a selfie with you…
The view …
These guys safely unloaded my bike at the pier. Gave them 100rs extra as “Bakshish”.
Off to Porbandar…
These guys stopped me in middle of the road and told me to shoot a small video so that they will get on it. They were fans of Moto vloggers.
I still had to ride almost 100kms.

After reaching Dwarka, I was in double mind whether to continue till Porbandar (my stay there was fixed) or to stay in Dwarka as it was pitch dark. After going through early morning experience, I didn’t want to take 2nd risk in less that 24 hrs. But, Milan’s big brother assured me that the roads were good and hopefully “these” big animals ceased to exist on this stretch. Also, Dwarka was very expensive.

So, Porbandar was done and I still had 1.5 hrs of riding to do.

Stopped in the middle to change my GoPro Battery.

There was almost Zero to Nil traffic on the Dwarka to Porbandar stretch. I almost did non-stop and reached around 9:30 pm.

In the city of Porbandar, where Mahatma Gandhiji was born.
Milan’s big brother Sunil. We had good memories during Milan’s wedding back here in 2017.

We had dinner after I got freshened up. It was the largest fish platter I ever had in dinner. Almost 5 types of fish. After a long day and being a sea food lover, it was like heaven while having a dinner. That evening was the longest time till date on the table as the fish kept on coming even though I refused. Sunil was way too generous while serving. I thanked Milan’s mom for preparing such a lovely and tasty dinner.

Sitting on the sofa, we chatted about the things and the journey and in that time Milan’s dad too came and the discussion went further.

Fish Fish and more Fish for dinner.

Late night, we went to Porbandar chowpatty to move our bodies after the heavy lunch. Due to covid restrictions, the chowpatty looked deserted and it was closed. Spending some time there, we return via a longer route and back towards home.

I was tired and I was on the road for more than 18 hours. And on top of that, tomorrow also I was going to start my day early and with that, I slept around midnight.

Tomorrow I was planning to head towards Bhavnagar with no sight seeing in between.

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