Pre-Monsoon Bike Care tips

I know that you all have been waiting for the monsoon to arrive. Same here. The summers are really boring and we are left with not much choices for places to explore. Who wanna head out with the sun constantly beating the hell out of you and draining you often.

Monsoon are the favorites of all. The earth takes on a new look. Everything looks fresh and pleasing to the eye. The weather is romantic and just right for the wander bugs to set out.

I am writing this blog, assuming that you travel on a two-wheeler. If you are not using the above medium, still I would recommend to go through the content and the video since, now-a-days, everyone has a two-wheeler at their home.

Be it a small drive or a long one, one should properly take care of the vehicle in order for your journey to be hassle free and safe. So that, you will focus more on the surroundings and your loved ones than your mind being constantly thinking about your bike. Plus, it will also save you from a lot of trouble.

Please watch the complete video to get yourself update on the bike care. If you like the video, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and my blog to get latest updates directly delivered to your inbox.


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