When you just let it be, then you hear the Watch ticking..

So guys, I have just hopped onto my new book. And, I must say after reading through the first chapter, I am hooked with the reality content it offers.

So, I am gonna present here a small excerpt from what I recently read. Basically, its a story.

Here it goes.

ONCE UPON A TIME A farmer lost his watch while working in the barn. This was not just any watch but his most favorite possession. His late father had given it to him decades ago. He searched for it frantically in every nook and corner of this barn turning the hay upside down but the watch was nowhere to be found.

Somewhat distraught he was going to take a break when he heard children playing outside. He asked them for help and promised a reward of Rs. 20 to the one who found it. Excited, eager and hopeful, the children rummaged through the whole area, practically combing every haystack. But they couldn’t find it either. They gave up and went back to playing. The farmer thought he would never see his watch again.

“Can you give me a chance?” a small boy tugged at his coat.

“I don’t mind,” the farmer said surprised to see a little contender. “But, other children and I’ve already searched everywhere.”

“I know, ” he said. ” I would still like to try.”

The farmer had nothing to lose so he let the boy in and carried on with his chores in the field.

Twenty minutes later the young boy went running up to him.

“I found it!” he said and opened his hands to reveal the watch.

The farmer picked him up in his arms and asked joyously, “How on earth did you find it?”

” I just sat on the ground and listened to the silence,” the boy replied. ” After few minutes I heard the watch ticking. The rest was easy.”

We are desperately searching for our lost possessions, answers to the questions we don’t understand, turning the world upside down only to feel tired after a while. And then we sit down, we wonder, we worry, we muse, we reflect, we accept, we relax. In that state of mind, life appears in front of us like the young boy and hands whatever is lost back to us.

Sometimes, the greatest way to search for something you want is not search at all. When you just let it be, then you hear the watch ticking; you hear life’s bubbling over and you see the beauty in everything.

A young monk once asked his mentor,”Master, is it a sin to sleep with a women in the same bed?”

“Not at all, dear,” his mentor replied.”To stay awake with her might be. To sleep is okay.”

Life is playful and it is demanding. Life is also a gift. A precious and priceless blessing. Why live it any other way?


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